Jason Tako

Dover, Pennsylvania

About Jason

Specializing in wildlife art, landscape art and plein air painting, Dover, PA artist Jason Tako is passionate about his work. While being a committed husband and father, he spends his remaining time enveloped in drawing or painting whatever he finds beautiful. As a devout Catholic, you could say his main artistic goal is to become the best artist he can be and express the beauty of God's creation through his brushstrokes.
Jason started drawing at a young age. It was discovered by his teachers and peers that he possessed a knack and desire for artwork, a desire that he pursued until his senior year in high school when he switched to playing electric bass. About 10 years later, after realizing how much he missed being outdoors and recording his observations, Jason bought a sketchbook. He painstakingly worked his way from pencil to watercolor while using nature and wildlife as his subject matter and teacher. A love for wildlife and landscape came natural being that he was born and raised in rural Minnesota. Jason went to college and earned his degree in Applied Visual Arts and was encouraged by his teacher Bara Arens to pursue a career in fine art. Jason furthered his studies under renowned landscape artist Scott Christensen and a constant passion for plein air painting.
Direct experience is the primary inspiration for Jason's work which blends impressionism and realism. Usually he will seek a location or subject matter that interests him and create field studies (aka plein air paintings) and take photographs on location. Back in the studio this reference material is used to create a final studio painting. At other times Jason will complete a painting on location, alla prima, plein air.
Jason has won numerous national awards and recognition for his work. He has also been featured in the editorial sections of Plein Air Magazine and Western Art Collector.

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