Jennifer Wendt

Effingham, Kansas

About Jennifer

Jennifer was raised on a farm in Northeast Kansas and has always been surrounded by wildlife and farm animals. Countless hours were spent during her childhood with a sketch pad and pencil, pursuing a hobby that was supported by encouraging parents. She attended college and earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Animal Science, which added to her understanding of animal behavior and anatomy. She did not take any art classes while in college and is truly a self-taught artist. After college and starting a family, she pursued her art career for several years, then life happened and she took a short hiatus after a divorce and the recent passing of one of her children. But now, alongside her second husband, and family, she owns and operates a small ranch, with cattle, horses, dogs, and several barn cats, and she is continuing her passion for painting what she knows best: the animals and nature she enjoys every day. She credits her husband, Kevin, with giving her the encouragement she needed, to again follow her heart. Jennifer has shown her work in many shows and exhibitions including the Western Associates of the AAW Inaugural Show and Sale in Round Top, Texas; the Night of Artists Show and Sale at the Briscoe in San Antonio; Cowgirl Up! in Wickenburg, AZ; Windows to the West Art Show and Sale in Estes Park, CO; and the Phippen Western Art Show in Prescott, AZ. She has garnered many awards, including several “Best of Shows”, “Artist’s Choices” and “People’s Choices” along the way. She is constantly striving to capture the feeling and movement in her subjects in a single moment in time. Painting, for her, is a way to express the life and beauty, the “something” she sees worth capturing, in her chosen animal subjects that others may not otherwise notice.

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