SEWE counts it a great privilege to showcase an expansive collection of wildlife art from premier painters and sculptors in the genre. While the pinnacle of our year occurs in February when artists and collectors gather in Charleston, we represent artists and source new work year-round. We look forward to celebrating these new works with you throughout the year, and hope they bring you the same inspiration as they do us.  Stay tuned as new works will be released bi-monthly. See all available works at the Fresh off the Easel gallery.>>


10 x 12, Oil on Panel, $3500

“Not long ago, after returning from a visit to the river I entered my studio contemplating the quiet beauty and regeneration that comes with spring. I contemplated this alongside our current moment in history. As I settled in and began to mix paint, a peaceful inner resolve began to wash over me bringing me to a place of renewed vision where I would come to accept this time we are living in as a gift. I would take this time to reflect. Reflect on priorities, reflect on my days, reflect on all the great blessings of my life. Reflecting is symbolic of traveling the swift river of life, and realizing the importance of moving into quieter waters for a moment if only to consider the blessings, beauty and peace that is all around us regardless of what is taking place in life’s circumstances.”


Daniel, a resident of New Brunswick, Canada, is a student of nature, conservationist and outdoorsman. His work is noted for its attention to unique detail which is tempered and evident by his firsthand knowledge and close experience with the subjects dealt with throughout his work. He is constantly immersed in study gaining ever more insight into his practice in art.

“My influences have changed over the years. I’ve had a wonderful journey learning to define what a truly fine work of art is comprised of. My goal is to be clean and simple in my approach, providing the right amount of information in a piece and leaving room for the minds eye to fill in certain aspects with its own interpretations. This inherently leads people to a much greater connection with the work. Being effective this way means giving my subject a solid sense of place in its environment without overwhelming detail. I consider these key elements in the design, execution and hopefully the ultimate success of my paintings.”

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