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2016 Featured Painting Unveiled

The official 2016 Featured Painting was unveiled for the 34th SEWE. The painting, titled Power and Grace, by Featured Artist Kyle Sims, is showcased on the official 2016 SEWE poster and the original will be available for auction during the VIP Preview Gala on Thursday, February 11. The painting depicts a grizzly bear, stemming from a combination of Sims’ imagination and hikes in his Montana backyard.

The juxtaposition of the bears commanding position and supple movements became his focus for this incredible painting When asked about his inspiration for the piece, Sims said his “mind has made a connection with bears and mountain streams. There is a character association with bears and the power of rushing water. Bears and a large body of moving water can be very powerful and easily overtake a human. However, when they move, they can be also be very graceful.”

“Kyle and Featured Sculptor Stefan Savides in Charleston along with over 100 others from around the country creates such a powerful exhibit of wildlife art,” said SEWE Executive Director John Powell. “I believe preview packages and ticket sales will be brisk. It will be an exciting time to be a fan of wildlife art and a great time to be in Charleston.”

An American realist, Kyle Sims’ natural talent and continuous research has helped him grow into one of the most sought after wildlife artists in the country. Every year, Sims’ paintings continue to evolve through practice and study. This isn’t something forced, but rather a product of time and passion. A native of the West, Sims was born and raised in Wyoming, and currently resides in Montana with his wife.

“We are excited about Kyle being in Charleston over the next few days and giving folks a sneak peek at the featured painting,” said Powell. “With VIP ticket sales on pace to sell out again, general admission tickets on sale this week, and artists like Kyle working hard for February, SEWE is poised for another spectacular year.”

The original painting, Power and Grace,  will be available for auction during the Preview Gala VIP event on Thursday, February 11, 2016. The Official 2016 Poster is available for purchase now for $30.

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