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Southeastern Wildlife Exposition invites all Tri-County students, grades 1st through 12th to participate in the Kids for Conservation arts competition. KFC has been a great source of pride for SEWE for over twenty years and we are pleased to continue this excellent program in the Lowcountry.

SEWE is working diligently to promote Kids for Conservation in the Tri-County area and engage all students in the importance of conservation. It is our hope that students who invest in conservation efforts as youth will continue to protect our wildlife and environment as adults.

Congratulations to our 2023 winners!

Poster Competition

1st Place: Kai Rembert – Baby Spider Monkey, 5th Grade, Moncks Corner Elementary

2nd Place: Lawson Rembert – Coastal Owl, 5th Grade, Porter Gaud School 

3rd Place: Trinket Ward – The Morning Squirrel, 5th Grade, Porter Gaud School 

Honorable Mention: AJ Sparks – The Grass is Always Greener, 5th Grade, Devon Forest Elementary School 

Honorable Mention: Jefferson Carper – Eagle, 2nd Grade, Daniel Island School 

Honorable Mention: Jatziri Monnar – Textured Snake, 3rd Grade, Westview Elementary 


Photography Competition

1st Place: Lucy Kugler – Wadmalaw Sunset, 7th Grade, Charleston School of the Arts 

2nd Place: Celia Abney – Hiding Shell, 6th Grade, Charleston School of the Arts 

3rd Place: Saylour LoVallo – Monarch Blaze, 6th Grade, Charleston School of the Arts

Honorable Mention: Riley Henderson – Bulls Island Blueberries, 6th Grade, Charleston School of the Arts 

Honorable Mention: Meagan Johnson – A Second with History, 7th Grade, C.E. Williams South 


Poetry Competition 

1st Place: Bryce Hunt – The Ocean, 7th Grade, C.E. Williams Middle School 

The Ocean by Bryce Hunt

Sailors off from the shore

This their Job evermore

They step upon the ship

What fate finds them on sea?

What be the ocean’s fee?

Salt water quenching their lip

Do they harvest the ocean’s fish?

Fair weather, only facing a fogs mist?

Storms come to the coast

Do they find themselves needing warmth?

From the cold of the north?

Cold may chill there spines on the boat

Do they find their expedition fruitless? 

Is the trip found to be useless?

Many hardships they could face

Maybe storms strike the ship, the crew at bay.

Or drought strikes, for rain they pray.

They could experience natures embrace

Is the storm a curse more than a wish?

Do they find themselves frozen among the swimming fish?

The rough wood may tear apart

Does the ocean’s beauty show its face?

Or does the sea give no grace?

Does the ship go into places not on charts

Do the sailors come home to success?

Do they find their grace, their rest?

A calm in the storm may find it’s way

Is the rest forever in the ocean?

Are they lost among the waves commotion?

Graceful skies, or lost among the fray?

That the oceans beauty is two sided, double edged.

Don’t ever get comfortable, for you may be as safe on a shores thin, rocky ledge.


2nd Place: Erika “Curtis” Curtis – The Frog, 7th Grade, C.E. Williams Middle School 

The Frog By Curtis

The frog- a confusing friend

So small and compact

So organized and intact

With the wildlife, they blend


Yet still loud and social

They ribbit and croak

In land or water they soak

Some would say-they’re so chill


They ooze with slime 

A large shiny coat

It might help them float

Or make them slip and slide


Some covered in vibrant tint

Though they are very pretty

You cannot touch-oh what a pity

It’s a colorful hint


The frog- an interesting friend 

So small and compact

So organized and intact

In my heart they blend


3rd Place: Nikolas Larionovs – The Forest, 7th Grade, C.E. Williams Middle School 

The Forest by Nikolas Larionovs

As I walk towards the forest,

In quiet August,

The air was green,

Smelt like the inside of bark,

The grass and leaves were green like an emerald,

The floor was as bumpy as an unsharpened rock.


The light shone on me, 

Through the trees like a beacon,

As I walk past the ruby roses,

I notice beautiful blossoms,

I found a pathway,

I followed it.


It was dark and dim,

I couldn’t see anything,

A bright light shone onto my face,

I finally found the exit,

I finally left the lime forest

I went to my warm home.


Birdhouse Competition Winners 

1st Place: Charlotte Whitley – Bird Ross, 9th Grade, Charleston School of the Arts

2nd Place: Ella Cutaia – Rockin Robin Retreat, 9th Grade, Charleston School of the Arts 

3rd Place: Whitney Werking – Hobbit Hen Den, 9th Grade, Charleston School of the Arts 


Submission Deadline

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Contest Guidelines

Grades 1st – 5th are invited to submit drawings and paintings; Grades 6th – 8th are invited to submit original photography and poetry; Grades 9th – 12th are invited to submit custom designed birdhouses using recycled materials.

All entries must be original work and wildlife inspired. 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners will be chosen from each division.

KFC submissions will be on display for the month of February in the Main Branch of Charleston County Library. The entries will be posted to an online gallery on The KFC competition is now LIVE for 2023, please download the contests rules below.

Download Contest Rules

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