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A Fabulous Turn of Events


Artist: Amy Ringholz
Medium: Graphite and Acrylic on Panel
Dimensions: 24 " x 36"


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About Amy Ringholz

Amy Ringholz and grew up outside of Cleveland, Ohio watching her father make magic come out of the tips of his pens and paintbrushes. She was enamored by the idea of a creative life so she dressed up as an artist complete with pallet and beret for career day in 1st Grade and the rest was history. Seems like some girls just know what they want.

After double majoring in Drawing and Art Education at Bowling Green State University, she set her sights on the mountains, animals and wide-open spaces of the West. Freedom and independence were the catalyst to her crazy dreams and wild imagination. A few years after school she found herself right at home in the Tetons under blue skies and snow tipped peaks surrounded by bison herds, golden eagles and grizzly bears.

She pounded the pavement and grew her art career into a wonderful success showing at sometimes six galleries at a time throughout the western states. She loved driving her work to shows and seeing the country by way of a Ford truck window for almost two decades by herself. The collectors and friends she met along the way shaped her artwork, her outlook on the world and the woman she was becoming.

In 2012, after a two year pursuit, she was awarded the great honor of being selected as Jackson Hole’s Fall Arts Featured Artist. She was the youngest to ever be chosen at 34 years old, and was the first woman and contemporary artist to be selected in almost a decade. It was a fantastic year she spent creating her featured piece “Dreamers Don’t Sleep” which sold for $36,000 at auction. In addition, she painted an art installation which included forty works, and then threw a celebratory party for 500 guests themed as a vintage circus to cap off the Fall Arts Festival.

A year later she pulled out of all her galleries and started her own; Ringholz Studios. She decided to pursue complete artistic control and have total freedom in her gallery to build a one-of-a-kind experience to offer her clientele when they invested in her work. Ringholz Studios has been growing and thriving for the past seven years and it feels as if the best is still yet to come.

I try to put my wild heart and love of freedom into my paintings. When you place a piece of my work in your home, you have a piece of me. I want that work to enhance your life with beauty, creativity and love. I want your heart to feel inspired and your life to feel more meaningful because you get to share your days with one of my paintings.

More About Amy
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