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Dancing in Golden Slippers


Artist: Ronnie Wells
Medium: Bronze
Dimensions: 30" X 13" X 15"


Please contact the SEWE office, 843-723-1748, for additional information regarding the shipment of art.

About Ronnie Wells

Ronnie Wells has been a naturalist, as well as a wildlife artist, for over forty years.
Mr. Wells in known nationally as a wildlife artist, both painter and sculptor. He is credited with the ability to capture movement and emotion in metal.
One of his monumental sculptures stands in front of the National Headquarters of Ducks Unlimited in Memphis, Tennessee.
He has won numerous awards and exhibited his work in museums and fine art shows across the nation.
Mr. Wells is also an author, having written and illustrated two books. One being a children’s book titled The Legend of Catfish and Little Bream. Most recently published, Calvin and the Great Tensas River Bottom.

More About Ronnie
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