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Gambels Quail


Artist: Daniel Porter
Medium: Oil on Panel
Dimensions: 9.5" x 11.5"


Please contact the SEWE office, 843-723-1748, for additional information regarding the shipment of art.

About Daniel Porter

“Live the life you were meant to live. Find your peace. Do this and you won’t make excuses for yourself each day or ever seek reasons to escape the life you’re living”
“Being a painter I have chosen to live a life close to the wild places. As an artist you simply cannot over immerse yourself in the inspirational subject matter that constantly occupies the forefront of your mind. I value immensely my time spent afield as it serves to bring me ever closer to the subjects I know and love those meaningful places and things that I love to put down in paint.”
As an artist, illustrator, conservator and curator Daniel lives and works in New Brunswick, Canada, dividing his time between the outdoors and his private studio outside the city. During studio hours he works as a regular contributing artist/illustrator to many fine sporting publications – in addition to his intense efforts toward an ever evolving body of work that he produces for his fine art dealers and valued patrons. His studio is a center of refined application where he works as a conservator restoring fine art and as a curator he serves as a consultant manager for a select group of privately held collections.

More About Daniel
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