Lowcountry Dreams


Artist: Henry Von Genk
Medium: Oil on Canvas
Dimensions: 40" x 60"


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About Henry Von Genk

Henry Von Genk, 111, was born and raised in Jacksonville Florida and resides with his family in Jacksonville Beach.

Henry has been an accomplished artist for thirty-three years. After a long and successful career executing murals, including works for museums of science and history and clients around the world, Henry focused on his life long destiny of fine art.

He is a self-taught artist who has mastered a realistic style of landscape painting. Working in oils, Henry uses glazing and shadowing techniques of the Old Masters of the Hudson River Painters to bring richness and depth to his paintings.

Henry’s love for Florida’s waterways and salt marshes of the Southeast coastline is evident in all his paintings. They portray the play of sunlight and moonshine on the region’s natural beauty, and are generally devoid of man made intrusions. He portrays the vistas as it was, and should be. Henry’s paintings place you there, warms the heart, and stimulates the feelings we all get when we are actually there viewing these beautiful sites.

Henry has had many one-man art shows and has donated paintings for select charity fundraisers. Henry was selected for the 2011 and 2013 Featured Artist of the year by the St. John’s Riverkeeper. Henry was invited by a jury to be one of the artists for the Southeastern Wildlife Expo 2009 thru 2022. His works are owned by private collectors across the country, as well as internationally, and include many well-known celebrities and corporations. His work can be found as part of the permanent collection with the The Ron Risner Fine Art Collection exhibit that is in Tallahassee Florida at the Museum of Florida History.

More About Henry
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