Playful Cubs


Artist: Grant Hacking
Medium: Oil on Linen
Dimensions: 24" x 30"


Please contact the SEWE office, 843-723-1748, for additional information regarding the shipment of art.

About Grant Hacking

South African born artist, Grant Hacking specializes in North American and African big game. Growing up in South Africa provided Grant with the unique ability to authentically portray the richness and vastness of the varied African landscape and wildlife. Grant’s passion for painting started early in life growing up in a household with parents who were both professional artists. Grant now resides in New England and previously lived in Charleston, SC providing bountiful inspiration for North American portrayals of wildlife and land and seascapes. Grant’s paintings can be found internationally in museums and in the private collections of business executives, celebrities, politicians, artists, and the everyday art appreciator.

Grant is the official artist of International Wildlife Crime Stoppers helping to raise awareness and funds for the prevention of poaching. Honors at SEWE include: Winner of the 2018 Editor’s Choice Award presented by American and Western Art Collector, Featured Artist 2015, Best of Show 1st Place Two Dimensional, Best of Show 1st Runner-Up, VIP Choice 1st Place Two Dimensional, VIP 2nd Place Two Dimensional.

More About Grant
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