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Quick Perch


Artist: Jane Ingols
Medium: Acrylic and Cradled Panel
Dimensions: 6" x 6"


Please contact the SEWE office, 843-723-1748, for additional information regarding the shipment of art.

About Jane Ingols

I have always found inspiration in the natural world. Even as a young teenager the subject of my artistic expression was often wildlife. The first artwork I sold was a painting of a bird, still a favorite subject. For many years I enjoyed a career as a decorative artist, working on custom commissions both nationally and internationally. That experience and the ability to self teach and experiment has been invaluable. Eventually I transitioned into a full time fine artist where my focus has been primarily on painting wildlife. Sources of inspiration are abundant. Almost daily observation in a nearby wildlife preserve and Audubon Trail is one constant part of my study.

Birds will always be a subject I return to again and again, but any animal offers the challenge of capturing its unique spirit. Seeing each painting as a portrait of a specific animal and to reflect its beauty continues to challenge me to learn and develop as an artist. Presently, most work is in acrylic, charcoal and other water based mediums on both canvas and paper. I am honored to be a signature member of The Society of Animal Artists and a signature member of American Women Artists.

Social media: Instagram @janeingolsart

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