Jennifer Anderson

Monterey, CA

About Jennifer

Jennifer L. Anderson is a painter and printmaker working in many
disciplines. Her iconic and evocative imagery are informed by her
experiences as a woman and a mother, as well as her love of the
natural world.
Anderson was born in Ware, Massachusetts and raised on a farm in
North Brookfield. After earning her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree at
the University of Connecticut in 1989, she pursued graduate studies,
exhibited throughout New England, and raised three children.
“Art-making is my key to the secret garden, my journey through the
looking glass; it provides never-ending possibilities of exploration
and connection. Some imagery seems to be hard-wired into my soul,
especially birds. I am captivated by their movements, their forms and
the space they create with their actions.
In our current world of high-tech, uber-fast everything, I create
intimate work at a very slow pace. For me the printmaking and
painting processes influence the creation as much as the content
does. Each step to the final piece involves the artist’s hand, with direct
mark-making influencing the development of every image.”
Monterey, California, has been Anderson’s home for the past 15 years.
She is fortunate to be able to split her time between Monterey and her
family home in Vermont, both places offering her a connection to the
flora and fauna of the natural world.
Anderson’s works are held in public and private collections

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