Amidst the Grays


Artist: Ron Thomson
Medium: Oil on Linen
Dimensions: 30" x 60"


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About Ron Thomson

Ron Thomson was born in Rota, Spain, and grew up in Florida. He earned his BFA with an emphasis on painting at Florida State University, and has worked as a professional artist since 1993. Thomson has lived and painted in Florida, Oregon, Colorado, and Alabama before settling permanently in Thomasville, Georgia. An Artist in Residence at the Thomasville Center for the Arts since 2016, he holds his studio space there painting and teaching art. His work has been included in selected galleries and shows.

Thomson is an expressive realist working in oils. His collectors often describe his work as “seemingly alive”. Over the years, he has created a vast body of work on varied subjects, and has recently focused his interest on his love of wildlife art and portraiture of both “Man and Beast”. His goal is to create an encounter between the viewer and the painting subject that transcends preconceptions and previous experience, and helps create an understanding of the connectedness of all life.

More About Ron
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