Artist: Mark Carson English
Medium: Mixed Media on Canvas
Dimensions: 60 x 72


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About Mark English

Mark Carson English, born in 1966, is a renowned artist who has been creating art since the tender age of eight. Initially known as "Marko," he later adopted his proper name, Mark Carson English, on the advice of one of his art dealers. However, some old friends and collectors still affectionately refer to him as "Marko."

Mark's artistic journey began in 1983 when he held his first art show in high school, marking the beginning of a lifelong career and passion. Over the years, he has created and sold over 13,000 artworks and showcased his talent in more than 900 solo and group exhibits across the country. His solo exhibitions have graced cities such as New York, Chicago, Miami, Jackson Hole WY, and many more.

His exceptional talent has earned him prestigious recognition, including being featured in the New York and Chicago art exhibitions. Mark also had the honor of exhibiting in Architectural Digest's exclusive show called MADE. As a self-taught artist, he has honed his skills through interactions with notable artists such as Leroy Neiman, Willem de Kooning, and Murat Kaboulov.

Mark possesses a remarkable versatility, proficiently painting in various genres including abstract expressionism, Impressionism, contemporary pop, and contemporary realism. His works of art adorn canvases, but he also explores sculpture and design.

Notably, Mark has achieved remarkable success in the art market, with his paintings fetching impressive prices at auctions. His most recent small painting sale record reached $10,400, while his largest single painting sale in 2023 amounted to an astounding $44,000. One of his collectors from Long Island holds the distinction of being his highest-paying buyer, having acquired a piece for $67,000.

Dedicated to his craft, Mark tirelessly works in his studio day and night, creating paintings that captivate both himself and his collectors, promising years of enjoyment.

More About Mark
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