Colorful Mouth


Artist: Rebecca Proctor
Medium: Oil on Canvas
Dimensions: 16 x 12


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About Rebecca Proctor

As a fourth generation artist, Rebecca Proctor brings unique and vibrantly colorful paintings into the art world. She was born in Spanish Fork, Utah and grew up admiring the artwork of her great grandmother and grandma. Her mother, Julie Jeppsen, is a world renowned western wildlife, sporting dog, and cowboy artist with whom Rebecca is following into the art world.
Rebecca grew up drawing ever since she could hold a pencil. She went on to college to study art at BYU-Idaho. After taking an 18-month break to serve a mission for her church, she returned to college but studied at BYU-Provo in their Studio Arts program. She also worked on her minor in Art History and spent two months in Europe studying the masters.
Since then Rebecca has been painting any chance she gets. While there were many years Rebecca was self-taught, she has been heavily influenced by many great artists: Carl Rungus, James Reynolds, Bob Kuhn, Jim Norton, and Jason Rich. Her greatest influence and supporter, aside from her husband, is her mother. Along with Julie as a mentor she has started a mentorship with renowned Landscape artist Kathryn Stats.
Rebecca is just starting in her art career and loving every minute of it. “I often tell my mom how much I love the struggle of learning to paint.” says Rebecca, “It motivates me to play, experiment, and then scrape it off when an explosion happens. My mom often tells me ‘it’s not precious’ and I take that to heart and do daring things with color and texture that I wouldn’t normally do if I thought I would ruin a painting. I love playing with color! It is endless! And I absolutely love it!”
Rebecca currently resides in Heber, Utah with her husband and two children.

More About Rebecca
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