Daniel Porter

Hanwell New Brunswick, Canada

About Daniel

A resident of New Brunswick, Daniel's work is recognized for its tempered honesty underscored
by his extensive personal experience with the subjects he captures within his work. Conceived through
intimate knowledge and countless hours spent afield, Daniel is constantly immersed in study gaining
ever more insight into the natural environment. Whether a bird taking to wing or the dalliances of light
on water Daniel brings life to his images in a manner both individual and true to the form of many of
the great old masters of his field.
“My influences changed dramatically since my earliest years, I've made the journey working to
define for myself what embodies a true work of art. Movement and light captivate, to be simple in my
approach and effective in creating energy through these things that is central throughout much of my
work, I consider it the essential path to success in my painting”
Over the years Daniel has held a number of roles in the fine arts field as an illustrator,
conservator and curator, his knowledge and experience have made him a well respected authority in
many areas of fine art. Daniels work can be found in numerous private and corporate collections as
well as several fine public institutions. His work appears regularly in several of the most well known
international outdoor magazines and journals, he is a regular contributor to Grays Sporting Journal, The
Atlantic Salmon Journal, The Upland Almanac and has been featured in many books and other
publications around the world.

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