Jeremy Sams

Archdale, North Carolina

About Jeremy

Jeremy Sams is an award winning representational artist residing in North Carolina. Jeremy has been a professional artist for over 25 years and his primary subject matter is landscapes while working in acrylics. He also loves the challenge of portraits and his work varies in size from just a few sq. inches to murals measuring upward of 40'x60'. His artistic growth took on a new form in 2011 when he was introduced to painting en plein air. Since then, he was won many awards for his plein air work and has been a featured artist in Plein Air Magazine.
Jeremy's personal inspirations come mostly from the play of light and atmosphere and their effects on objects and landscapes. “As an artist, I am in constant pursuit of defining and capturing the nature and essence of beauty. As a visual story teller, my goal is to do all that I can to enhance my visual vocabulary in order to better communicate a message of hope and peace.”

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Charleston Place
205 Meeting Street
Charleston, SC 29401 United States

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