Luke Frazier

Providence, Utah

About Luke

Luke Frazier grew up in a large family of brothers who loved hunting and fishing in the mountains of northern Utah – these early forays into nature instilled a kinship with the wildlife, and a passion for the outdoors. As a child he spent hours scribbling, sketching and sculpting wildlife. Later, his formal art training occurred at Utah State University, where he earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in painting and a Master of Fine Arts degree in illustration.

Every year, Frazier travels from Alaska to Africa, painting and photographing animals in their natural environment. “I’m always excited for a new adventure, seeking new country and looking for animals in their prime – hoping to capture the nuances of the sporting life.” His love of fly fishing and hunting is apparent in his work. Frazier says, “I’m always searching for things I want to draw and paint. I’m always following the light, looking for the different values, shapes and colors – the emotional power of a scene. By using digital photography and video I can capture memories and moments in time. These photographs and video buttress the process of drawing and composition – helping me recreate those moments on canvas.

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