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Spotlight: Grant Hacking

Artist Spotlight: Grant Hacking

SEWE curates a collection of fine art from the nation’s most talented wildlife painters and sculptors. The Artist Spotlight campaign highlights an individual SEWE artist to allow our audience to learn more about the individual and the inspiration behind his or her work. Grant Hacking has continued to provide exceptional, one-of-a-kind pieces for the SEWE gallery for 30 years and we are proud to showcase his talents again at SEWE 2023. Hacking has a broad portfolio encompassing paintings of North American and African animals, landscapes, and seascapes. We know you will enjoy learning more about Grant, and hope you will take the time to meet him while in Charleston next February.


Grant Hacking was born in South Africa, in 1964. His British parents, also artists, traveled the southern region of Africa instilling in him a love of both art and wildlife. He moved to the United States in 1990, and Hacking now specializes in painting North American and African animals. As a resident of the White Mountain Region in New Hampshire, Hacking also enjoys painting landscapes and seascapes. His works are currently displayed in several museums like the Nature in Art Museum, Gloucester, England and the James Museum of Western & Wildlife Art. Grant is also the recipient of numerous awards and recognitions, including the Southeastern Wildlife Exposition 2015 Feature Artist. Learn more about Grant Hacking.



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